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We're heading to Guatemala!

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

We have decided to follow our calling to be missionaries and will head out to Coban, Guatemala through Acts Ministries International (AMI)! Our goal is to start the first Christian international school in Coban and support the ongoing ministries there. The vision of the AMI International School is to provide world-class education and instill strong Biblical values. Through this school, we hope to raise up leaders that will influence and transform the nation of Guatemala.

Missionary Kim and Ariel (served with Missionary Kim for two years)

What  is Acts Ministries International? Acts Ministries International is a community of churches that seeks to model the spirituality, vision, and partnership exemplified in the book of Acts. We have been attending an AMI church, Radiance Christian Church, in San Francisco, for the past seven years and Jon has been the Children's Director there for the past two years.  AMI™ and Radiance are committed to developing disciples of Christ within our churches, as well as spreading the gospel message through church planting and missions work. Through the vision and work of John Kim, another AMI missionary (pictured above),  AMI has been running a Youth Church and Education Center in Coban for the past couple years, has built a reputation of trust in the community, and is known for its educational programs and Christian curriculum. 

School construction finished in August 2018

Our timeline: We plan to move to Guatemala in June 2019. Jon has been meeting regularly with the team in Coban and preparing the groundwork for the school. Upon our arrival there, we will start working alongside the current ministries, as well as begin setting up the launch of AMI International School in Fall of 2020. Our goal is to start with a Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade class. We have made an initial two year commitment, but we are open to staying longer if the Lord leads!

Students working in the newly built library

Please consider being a part of this journey with us by joining our email mailing list! We are fundraising for nearly all our personal and ministry expenses and we would also appreciate a community of support through prayer. We would be happy to meet up with you in the next few months to share more!

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